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Carolin Teufelberger

My life in a nutshell? On a quest to broaden my horizon. I love discovering and learning new skills and I see a chance to experience something new in everything – be it travelling, reading, cooking, movies or DIY.

95 articles

  • Background information

    Why does the whole world say «OK»?

  • Background information

    What are those bristles on the side of an escalator for anyway?

  • Know-howGarden

    Why do mosquitos prefer biting certain people?

  • PortraitMovies and series

    «Sometimes it seems like all that’s showing in cinemas are sequels, prequels and remakes»

  • ReviewHome

    The burrito v. the shake and smooth: what’s the fastest way to make your bed?

  • ReviewHome

    With this rack, you can dry your laundry the Italian way

  • ReviewHome

    Can felt balls help with damp clothes?

  • Background information

    Why does the progress bar get stuck at 99 per cent?

  • Know-howGarden

    Are you doing barbecues right?

  • Product presentationHome

    Who on earth uses an egg cutter anyway? I do!

  • Background information

    Stories from the wastepaper basket

  • Background information

    Why have our neighbours not heard of the cherry stone pillow?

  • Background informationOutdoor

    Why does smoke keep following you around a campfire?

  • Background informationGarden

    «Nettoyer au Karcher»: how high-pressure cleaning became a political issue in France

  • Product presentationToys

    Why I play Kahuna even though I usually lose

  • ReviewGarden

    The battery cooler from Metabo or with airplane noise to the cool glass of white wine

  • Product presentationCooking

    The alternative to the garlic press

  • Know-howDIY

    My neighbour has drilled through my wall. Now what?

  • Background informationDIY

    Why does the contact protection on power strips jam so often?

  • Background informationDIY

    Why do tape measures have little black diamonds on them?

  • Shopping guideDIY

    Portable power stations: which models spark joy?

  • Background informationFashion

    Straw hat riots: how a fashion faux pas once triggered a mass brawl

  • Background informationBooks

    Trap streets – intentional mistakes made by Google Maps and co.

  • Know-howGarden

    How I’m raising my own tomato seedlings – a short tutorial

  • ReportDIY

    Mask carving: living tradition from Sarganserland

  • Background informationHome

    Why can’t old drinking glasses go in the glass recycling bin?

  • Product presentationInterior

    Bye-bye bed, Konnichiwa tatami!

  • Background informationHome

    My brain on a detour, or what a knife has to do with natural Viagra

  • Background informationCooking

    Cheese wars: Gruyère made in USA gets the green light

  • ReviewAudio

    The Xiaomi Earbuds are OK, even if you don’t wear them properly

  • Background informationInterior

    The bamboozlement in my bed

  • ReviewHome

    The Naiked loofah sponge: if only it didn’t have a seam...

  • Background informationLighting

    Why do we actually light up the Christmas tree?