All types of diapers are available in our range: swim diapers for babies, disposable diapers in all sizes, variants, shapes and designs, night diapers, diapers for newborns and, of course, reusable cloth diapers. Changing the nappy regularly keeps the delicate baby bottom dry and clean. When changing a baby’s diaper, it’s important to choose the right size for the age and weight of the child. This makes sure the baby has a comfortable diaper that doesn’t leak.

Pampers, the classic diaper brand, is synonymous with diapers. Pampers offers the right diaper size for every age and weight of the child. In addition, there are various model ranges, such as «Active Fit», designed to adapt to baby’s movements, or «Baby Dry», which keep babies dry even at night. «Premium Protection» nappies boast maximum moisture absorption, are comfortable and leakproof and feature stretchable sides and a urine indicator, which turns blue when it’s time to change the diaper. Buy Pampers in our online shop – no matter if you’re looking for a monthly pack, an economy pack or a carry pack – we offer them all at good prices.

Of course there are other diaper brands than Pampers, too. So-called disposable diapers, which are thrown away after using them once, are also available from brands such as Huggies and Kushies. Many of today’s disposable diapers are biodegradable and/or ecologically produced. Brands such as Paul & Paula, Lillydoo, Attitude and Bio Babby are following this trend. If you’d like to be even more environmentally friendly, go for reusable cloth diapers or gauze diapers. For these models, so-called overpants are needed in addition to the cloth or gauze diaper and sometimes also special inserts, to make sure nothing can leak. However, there are mixed opinions on what’s more environmentally friendly in the long term: buying cloth diapers and washing them at 90 degrees or buying disposable diapers. Bambino Mio is currently enjoying great success with its Miosolo models. These reusable diapers come in one size and feature press buttons to adjust the size to any baby or toddler. You will find important accessories such as wet wipes, wet wipe boxes, diaper bins and accessories as well as comfortable changing units and changing mats in our online shop.