Warranty extensions

Warranty extension

The warranty period often expires faster than you would like. Therefore, we offer you the option of extending the warranty period to 1 or 3 years for a large number of products. You have the chance to add this warranty extension upon purchasing the product or during the regular warranty period.

Depending on the product, we offer you different service levels. For most products, a «Bring-in» warranty extension is sufficient. In case of a warranty claim, you send the defective product to us or bring it to one of our stores.

In the case of warranty extensions with the «Pick-up & Return» option, an appointment is made and the device is collected from your home – and delivery back to your home. This warranty extension is particularly suitable for large and heavy products. Please remember that products must be packed appropriately for collection and that general cargo deliveries can only be collected and delivered from the kerbside.

«On-site» warranty extension offers you maximum convenience: authorised professionals will come to your home and attempt to repair the defective device on the spot. If the device can’t be repaired on the spot, you are provided with a replacement device. Thanks to our cooperation with authorised service providers, we can offer you this service for selected products.

Please find the exact warranty conditions in our GTCs. Please note that during the regular warranty period as well as in case of a warranty extension, technical defects caused by external influences (e.g. a fall, water or damage due to wear and tear) are rejected by most manufacturers.


Warranty upgrades

Some products come with the option of upgrading the service level for the regular warranty period. This is especially useful if you're not satisfied with the manufacturer's service level. With such a «Warranty Upgrade», you can, for example, benefit from the «Pick-Up & Return» warranty from day one.  



Different options are possible for many products. Our recommendations help you make the right choice. The most sold warranty extensions are marked as «Popular». This indicates choices other customers have made. Warranty extensions marked as «Recommended» are our suggestions for you. For example, we recommend the options «Pick-Up & Return» or «On-site» for very heavy products, as these save you from having to send or bring in devices yourself. You’ll find these details in the lightbox.


Express exchange service

For mobile phones, notebooks and PCs, we offer you a warranty extension as well as the option of an express exchange service as an upgrade to the warranty. The express exchange service makes sure you don't have to put up with lengthy repair times in the event of a warranty claim. Go to our offer.

Last updated: March 2020