A lot of wood, warm terracotta, light linen and greens: Back to nature is the name of the game in 2017.
A lot of wood, warm terracotta, light linen and greens: Back to nature is the name of the game in 2017.
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Pottery, leather, wood and lots of green: The home décor trends for 2017

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 25.01.2017
Back to nature is the motto when it comes to interior trends in 2017: Wood, leather, pottery and linen are taking centre stage. The dominant colours are calming, earthy tones including warm terracotta for accessories, fresh, light colours for textiles and dark green in all areas. It looks like 2017 is going to be cosy and comfy.

Trend 1: Pottery

Hand-crafted items from the kiln will have you nostalgics out there rejoicing. The 70s pottery trend is back! Small imperfections and impressive glazing patterns add charm and make each item unique. If you want even more uniqueness, try getting behind the potter’s wheel yourself!

Glazed pottery items are making a comeback in 2017. Images: house doctor.
Antique (25cm)
house doctor Antique (25cm)
Sandrine (0.50l, 1x)
Bloomingville Sandrine (0.50l, 1x)
Rustic (25cm, Soup plate, 1x)
house doctor Rustic (25cm, Soup plate, 1x)
Vintage (26cm, 27cm)
Bloomingville Vintage (26cm, 27cm)

Trend 2: Dark green

If you weren’t blessed with green fingers, you’re in for a treat this year: Although real plants are still very trendy, they can be replaced (or complemented with) by dark-green accessories. Particularly popular in 2017 are ceramic cacti in all shapes and sizes. Even dark-green wall colours are making a comeback! They have a calming effect on rooms and reclaim a bit of nature for your home.

This year, Danish brand house doctor is going for dark green indoors and outdoors.
Kaktus Medium (29cm)
SERAX Kaktus Medium (29cm)
Het Anker Havana
All (32cm)
house doctor All (32cm)

Trend 3: Wood

To achieve a natural look, there’s no getting round wood. So it’s not surprising that it’s always trendy. Wood radiates cosiness and is also an extremely versatile material.

Wall clocks/>
Ribbonwood (51.40cm)
54.40was 62.30
Umbra Ribbonwood (51.40cm)
Loop Shelf (wall rack, 72cm, 31cm)
we do wood Loop Shelf (wall rack, 72cm, 31cm)

Trend 4: Terracotta

Reddish earth tones are perfect for adding a few splashes of colour to your home. And we don’t just mean terracotta flowerpots: Try crockery, textiles and even furniture with that Mediterranean touch!

Warming: The "Edge" terracotta tea set by Skagerak Denmark.
Edge (0.80l)
Skagerak Denmark Edge (0.80l)
Flowerpot (14cm, 12cm)
Bloomingville Flowerpot (14cm, 12cm)
Panama (60 x 110 cm)
Winkler Panama (60 x 110 cm)
Skagerak Denmark Edge

Trend 5: Linen

The general love for linen is mainly reflected in home textiles: Curtains, decorative cushions and bedlinen in fresh, light colours will give your home an airy, natural look. Slightly creased material will even perfect the overall style!

Linen is not only great in the bedroom but also perfect for the table. Images: Himla
Bed linen/>
Lino (Duvet cover, 160 x 210 cm)
Nobilium Lino (Duvet cover, 160 x 210 cm)
Stripe (140 x 200)
house doctor Stripe (140 x 200)

Trend 6: Cork

Being a natural product, cork is not only decorative but also eco-friendly. The renewable material is harvested from the bark of the cork oak, which is stripped about every nine years. Cork is no longer only used for pinboards and bottle corks. Home accessories, lamp shades and furniture are also often decorated with it.

Pretty vases with cork elements courtesy of house doctor.
Karaffe mit Korkstopfen (1l, 28.50cm)
Bohemia Cristal Karaffe mit Korkstopfen (1l, 28.50cm)
Vase (17cm)
Bloomingville Vase (17cm)

Trend 7: Leather

Following the velvet trend in 2016, leather vintage-style upholstery is all the rage this year. The golden rule is: the more patina the better. If you’re reluctant about getting a leather sofa, try adding accessories that are either made of leather or decorated with leather details.

Leather can be combined in many ways. Image: house doctor.
Addition (36cm)
house doctor Addition (36cm)
Puf Soft Brick
house doctor Puf Soft Brick
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Léonie de Montmollin
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