Garden chairs

If you're one of those lucky people to have a balcony, veranda or a garden, then getting yourself some garden chairs is a near guarantee. Any Galaxus customer is sure to find what they desire with over 800 different garden chairs and armchairs from brands such as Giardimo, Acamp, Schaffner, Ploss, Envy Nordic and many more: if you're worried about space, then grab yourself a folding chair or multiple ones that can be stacked. They allow for quick and efficient storage. Lovers of comfort should keep their eyes open for chairs with adjustable backrests, while design enthusiasts will quickly find some fascinating art pieces from renowned brands. Depending on the material, certain outdoor seating options require more or less care: aluminium or polyrattane chairs are very robust and weatherproof, while wooden chairs must be treated with oil once every so often. This way, they keep their original colour while being protected against insects and mould. In general, weatherproof garden chairs should be stowed away or at least covered safely during cold or rainy months so that they are just as inviting during the next barbecue season.

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