• How pillows are taking our homes by storm

    Background information

    by Pia Seidel


Sofas, often also referred to as couches, are the cornerstone of living room comfort and style. Serving as the central furniture piece in most homes, they provide a space for relaxation, socializing, and often, a comforting nap. Several sofa types cater to different needs; a 2-seater may be suited for compact spaces or added to larger configurations, while 4-seater or big sofas anchor a room and accommodate entire families. Modular sofas offer versatility, allowing for customized arrangements that adapt to a living space, and sofa beds double as guest sleeping solutions. For those keen on maintaining their sofa's pristine condition, sofa protectors are a practical choice.

The world of sofas presents an array of subtypes, each with its unique flair. The classic Chesterfield brings vintage charm with its deep-buttoned upholstery, while the sleek lines of a chaise longue add an air of sophistication suitable for lounging. Sofa landscapes and corner sofas are perfect for those looking to maximize seating in larger rooms, providing ample space for gatherings. For those seeking practicality and comfort, the upholstery sets and cushioned stools enhance the lounging experience. For design enthusiasts, the transformative sofa bed can unify form and functionality, optimizing limited space.

When shopping for the ideal sofa, key considerations include size, function, material, and style. Customers can filter choices based on the sofa type, such as corner, sectional, or bed, to fit their specific living space. Materials like leather, fabric, or velvet dictate both the look and feel of the sofa, influencing the ambiance of the room. Assessing the dimensions ensures the piece integrates seamlessly into the intended area without overpowering or underwhelming the existing decor.

Among top brands, Micadoni's Jodie model exemplifies modern comfort with a stylish twist, embodying elegance with every stitch. For those seeking artistry in design, Atelier del Sofa's Bubble stands out as an artistic centerpiece. Kave Home's Blok offers a contemporary and cozy touch, ideal for relaxed home settings. ELTAP's Grayson resonates with those valuing minimalism without sacrificing comfort. Lastly, for a blend of functionality and chic design, Karup Design's Roots 140 sofa bed accommodates both seating and sleeping needs with its clever and straightforward conversion mechanism. Each brand brings something unique to the table, ensuring shoppers can find a couch that aligns with their aesthetic and practical preferences.