Bed linen

Buy beautiful new bed linen in plain colours or with patterns, so you can give your bedroom a new look. We offer bedding sets as well as single duvet covers and pillowcases, so you can make your bed look exactly the way you want it. Which bed linen quality is best? In summer, linen bedding made from the flaxplant fibre is very popular, as it has cooling properties, is robust, skin-friendly and has an elegant creased look. It guarantees an ideal moisture balance and is particularly simple to care for. Percale bed linen made of light cotton fabric also has a smooth and fine surface, is cooling and soft.
Satin bed linen made of mercerised, pure cotton yarn is very popular because of its elegant shine and silky soft surface. It also has a cooling effect and is especially light on the skin. In the winter months, those who are cold easily might appreciate flannel bed linen. Flannel is made of a dense, heavy cotton quality and has a fluffy, soft feel. Jersey duvet covers are very soft and have climate-regulating properties, which makes this type of material ideal all-year bedding. Seersucker bed linen is particularly easy to care for and is made of alternating smooth and wavy cotton strips. This creates a crepe effect and means there's no need to iron this bedding. Renforcé bed linen made of pure, fine-threaded cotton has a smooth surface and is characterised by its high absorbency.
This bed linen is also an ideal all-season solution and is available at an attractive price. The most popular colours are green, white, black and pink. The bestselling sizes for duverts are 160x210 cm, 200x210 cm and 240x240 cm and for pillowcases 50x70 cm, 65x65 cm and 65x100 cm. You'd like horses, stars or unicorns on your bedding? No problem, we have children's bedding with a large range of motifs. Find a large choice from brands such as Furn, Nobilium, Living Home, #lavie, Marc O'Polo, Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, Essenza, Schlossberg, KAS and billerbeck.