Once, stools were popular companions in everyday life at home, mainly because of their functionality, but now they are not only useful, but also beautify our living spaces with their appearance.

As a small all-rounder, a stool not only offers the possibility to sit on it, but is also used in many areas of the home. In the kitchen, a step stool can help you reach the dishes at the top of the cupboard and do so comfortably without straining your toes too much. In front of the armchair in the living room, they invite you to put your feet up and relax with a book and a glass of wine. If there is still storage space under the seat, blankets or decorative cushions can also be stowed here when they are not needed. They can also be used in the hallway, for example, to put on shoes while sitting down or to put your bag down while you stow your jacket in the cupboard.

So-called "poufs" are a very special kind of stool. They are softly upholstered and usually have no chair legs or only very short ones and are accordingly rather low. Placed on a beautiful carpet and around a coffee table, they transform the table into the centre of the action.

"Ottomans" are larger than normal stools or poufs and are usually upholstered and covered with fabric or leather. They are often found in the living room as an extension of the sofa, providing extra seating or even, with the right placement, can be used as a lounger.

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