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    Pia’s Picks: items that bear my name

    by Pia Seidel


Whether knotted or woven, rectangular or round, plain or patterned, indoor or outdoor – carpets create a warm and cosy atmosphere in any living room. They contribute to pleasant acoustics and can create a visual division of your home into different areas. Rugs don't only spice up boring corridors, but also protect floors which are walked on with shoes. Weatherproof outdoor carpets made of vinyl or recycled PET bottles provide more comfort on the terrace or balcony. But they can also be used indoors: these uncomplicated plastic carpets are great for allergy sufferers or households with pets and children, as they can be cleaned quickly and easily. They also protect sensitive floors in the entrance area, kitchen or under the dining table. Sustainable plant-based natural fibre carpets such as sisal, jute or hemp carpets are a beautiful decoration for your floor while also being particularly robust and durable. Since nobody likes cold floors when getting up, placing a large, cuddly high pile carpet under the bed is a good idea. Furs and oriental carpets make living rooms look and feel especially cosy and inviting. Those who like rustic designs will find cow skins with individual patterns.

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