Velvet surfaces, graphic prints and messing-coloured highlights: The mid-century style is back!
1950s armchairs re-interpreted and modernised by 366 Concept.
Can also be used as a wall lamp: The "Etui" table lamp by Markslöjd.
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“Modern Mid-Century” – the charm of the 1950s returns!

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 08.01.2017

The retro charm of the 50s and 60s is back! Velvet surfaces, graphic prints and brass-coloured highlights will be adorning our homes this spring. Introducing our favourites of the season!

Give your living room that retro look

Pyram, brass finish (18 cm)
House Doctor Pyram, brass finish (18 cm)
confect (170 x 250 cm)
Brita Sweden confect (170 x 250 cm)
Max Winzer Norwin
Rita (130 x 180 cm)
Brita Sweden Rita (130 x 180 cm)
Vase (17 cm)
Interstil Vase (17 cm)
London (156 x 34 x 160 cm)
Temahome London (156 x 34 x 160 cm)

Mid-century newly interpreted in the dining room

Faro (24 Piece)
Sola Faro (24 Piece)

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