32 of the most life-saving baby products
32 of the most life-saving baby products
32 of the most life-saving baby products
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32 of the most life-saving baby products

Myrtha Brunner
Zurich, on 09.11.2017
Translation: Eva Francis
Your baby is crying, it has a full nappy, is hungry, has teething pain, needs to be changed again and the day seems never-ending. Does this sound familiar? We’ve set out to find 32 baby products that will help you get through such a day and give you a little more peace and quiet.

#1 Nappies – for crappy days

Nobody wants to clean the floor, especially not several times a day.

Premium Protection (size 2, 31Piece, pack)
9.80was 11.50
Pampers Premium Protection (size 2, 31Piece, pack)

#2 Wet wipes – to clean up

An absolute nappy-changing essential to keep your baby clean at any time.

#3 Baby monitors – take a break while your baby is taking a nap

You’ll hear your baby even if you’re chilling out on the balcony.

#4 Baby bottles – feed me!

Probably your most important gadget if your baby is refusing to breastfeed.

Newborn starter set (260ml, tardily)
Baby bottles
Philips AVENT Newborn starter set (260ml, tardily)

#5 Baby carriers – my back is sore

Carrying a baby is hard work. It’s never too early to get a baby carrier; your little one will get heavier every day.

Carrier 360 inkl. Neugeboreneneinsatz (Black / Camel)
Baby carriers/>
Ergobaby Carrier 360 inkl. Neugeboreneneinsatz (Black / Camel)

#6 Fitted cot sheets – if the nappy doesn't do its job

Don't worry if the nappy doesn't last all night. You'll be well prepared with a waterproof fitted cot sheet.

#7 Hammocks – if your baby likes chilling

Perfect if your baby enjoys a gentle bouncing or rocking motion.

#8 Breast pumps – Mum’s not at home

If Mommy is going away for the night or going back to work, a breast pump is an essential.

#9 Play mats – I need to get something done

Simply place your baby on a play mat and it will be busy for half an hour, giving you time to get something done. Perfect for babies who haven’t reached the crawling stage.

#10 Changing mats – bad timing

This is a great helper if you’re on the go, but need to change your baby’s nappy.

#11 Swaddle blankets – where am I?

After leaving the womb, the world appears huge and new to babies. Swaddle blankets make them feel warm and snug.

#12 Bibs – dribble, dribble

Whether it’s used to avoid milk or food stains or as a dribble bib, they’ll keep your baby’s clothes clean.

Cotton Classic (3x)
little unicorn Cotton Classic (3x)

#13 Cuddly toys – it’s bed time

A cuddly toy or a soothing lullaby are a great way to help your baby fall asleep.

#14 Bottle warmers – I’m hungry! Now!

No matter whether at home or on the go, with a bottle warmer, you can warm up bottles and baby food in no time at all.

#15 Thermometers – high temperature

Is your baby asleep? With an ear or forehead thermometer, you can take your baby’s temperature while it’s sleeping.

#16 Baby care sets – baby wellness

Nasal aspirator, thermometer, brush, comb, finger toothbrush, nail clipper - ideal for the first baby care.

#17 Playpens – take a quick shower

Place your little one in the playpen with lots of toys. This gives you 5–10 minutes to take a shower.

Park Laufgitter und Kaminschutz (115cm, 366cm)
Hauck Park Laufgitter und Kaminschutz (115cm, 366cm)

#18 Muslin nappies – flexible helpers

Muslin nappies are great because they are so versatile. They work as scarves, burp cloths, sun shades, bibs, etc.

#19 Travel cots – stay out longer if you like

You’re invited at friends’ and not in the mood to leave yet although your baby needs to go to sleep? No problem with a travel cot!

#20 Teethers – when the teeth are causing pain

It might be hard for us to imagine, but teething is really painful. Help your baby with cooling elements and teething rings.

#21 Pacifiers – the best friend

Some babies can't go without a pacifier, others always spit it out. You'll soon know your baby’s preference.

#22 High chairs – join the adult table

As soon as your little one can sit, it will want to join you at the table. Let your baby take part in the family meal.

#23 Baby food cookers – baby food is good food

Homemade food is the best. Take the time to prepare your own baby food and serve your little one healthy meals.

#24 Baby food containers – pack in portions

Did you prepare too much food (on purpose) or are going on a journey? With food containers, your baby’s food is ready whenever you need it.

#25 Baby bath tubs – babies love water

Floating on water has a soothing effect on babies. That’s no surprise; it reminds them of their time in the womb.

#26 Nursing bras – a crying baby is a hungry baby

Nursing bras help you breastfeed your baby at any time and in any place.

#27 Nursing pillows – multifunctional helpers

These pillows can be used flexibly during pregnancy, for breastfeeding or to shelter your baby in the large bed.

#28 Pushchairs – falling asleep can be hard work

If all the carrying around, singing and gently rocking your baby doesn’t work, place your baby in a pushchair and take it for a walk outside. This is sure to help your little one fall asleep.

#29 Blankets – for the cold season

Always keep a blanket handy. In summer, it's ideal as a blanket on the ground and in winter, it can be used against the cold.

#30 Bedside cots – hungry all night long

Is your newborn always hungry at night? With a bedside cot, you don't even have to get up to breastfeed your baby.

#31 Night lights – sweet dreams

Night lights help your baby feel comfortable and make sure you can see where you’re going if you have to get up in the middle of the night.

#32 Guidebooks – you never know

This book talks about the different stages of development, so that you can prepare for what’s ahead.

Oje, ich wachse! Eltern Sprechstunde
Oje, ich wachse! Eltern Sprechstunde

Is anything missing?

Would you add any other products? Let us know by writing a comment below this article. If I agree and we offer it on Galaxus, I’m happy to add it to the list.

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