Nursing pillows

Nowadays nursing pillows are real all-rounders and can be a faithful companion of your family for many years beyond breastfeeding. During pregnancy, the pillow can help you sleep more comfortably by supporting your stomach and back. From the 6th month the abdominal girth increases rapidly and comfortable sitting and lying is no longer a matter of course. During breastfeeding, a nursing pillow allows you and your baby to take a comfortable position and provides secure support. If you no longer breastfeed your child, the pillow can be used to cuddle and build caves. It is also excellent for side sleepers or as a support when reading in bed.

There are different sizes to choose from. Midwives recommend that you choose a pillow about 10cm longer than your own body size. There are also different selection options for the material used for the covers of the nursing pillows. Mircrofibre, cotton, lyocell and plush are the most commonly used materials, while lyocell, cotton and plush are suitable for allergy sufferers. The type of filling of the nursing pillow is an important criterion for the comfort it offers. A basic distinction is made between artificial and natural fillings. The artificial ones, such as EPS micro beads, are suitable for allergy sufferers, very light and flexible.