Wet wipes

Wet wipes are especially perfect for on the road. The smaller packaging sizes, the so-called travel packs, are particularly suitable for this purpose. Smaller mishaps can simply be wiped away and even as an adult you can use the wet wipes when you cannot wash your hands. Most of the packs are resealable and therefore particularly uncomplicated. Almost all wipes are alcohol and perfume free.

At present, water-based wet wipes are particularly in vogue. Brands that have been using them for some time now include Pampers and Naty. But also well-known brands such as Nivea, Pingo, WaterWipes, Bübchen, Tempo, Attitude, MAM, Nuby, Huggies, Kushies, Arise and many more support the eco-trend and rely on natural ingredients.

Depending on how many wet wipes you need, for example, with the Pampers Aqua Pure wet wipes, you can benefit from a competitively priced eCom pack that is only available online. But the popular Pampers Sensitive wipes are also available in larger packs.