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When choosing the perfect pushchair, there are various criteria to consider. Deciding on the right model is hard. Do you need a combination pushchair, a buggy, a jogger or even a double stroller and is that model suitable for the city or the countryside? We will answer these questions for you with the following key data. There are plenty of suppliers and most can be found in our online shop: For example, Cybex but also models from Hauck, KinderKraft, ABC Design, Thule, Joie, Chicco and many more.

Which criteria is important to consider?
Do you need your pushchair for one or more children? Further its pivotal to consider the future. If another child is supposed to follow swiftly, it would be important that the pushchair can be transformed into a double stroller.
How old is your child? Should the child be able to look into the surroundings of its environment or rather be focused on the parents?
Where will you use the stroller? Mainly in the city or in the countryside?
Are you often travelling by car? If so, is there enough space for the pushchair in the trunk of the car? Do you need adapters to mount the infant carrier onto the pushchair?
To simplify the selection, just use our filter criteria. For additional questions, feel free to write to the community at any time.

We are happy to introduce you to the most common models below:
Combination pushchair
The combination pushchair with its carrycot is a loyal companion from birth until an older age. Most of the time the combination pushchair will be delivered with the carrycot and the buggy, a type of sports seat. And if not, you always have the option to easily buy these additions. Directly after birth up until 7 months you will use the carrycot option and then switch to the buggy seat. In some sets, a baby car seat is also added.

The buggy is perfect for children who can already sit on their own. The buggy is the ideal solution for you if you desire something lighter and a model that is quickly and easily folded. Most buggies have rather small wheels and are thus better equipped for the city. But there are also buggies with sturdier wheels which are well suited for the countryside and rough surfaces. We subcategorise the buggy models further into a shopper version which has exceptionally more storage space.

The sporty type among the pushchairs. Joggers always have 3 wheels and a mechanical spring suspension. Due to the sometimes very high speed of the jogger, the big and sturdy wheels are of advantage since they guarantee stability and security.

Double stroller
The double stroller is the best solution if you need a pushchair for several children. It works either for twins or 2 toddlers at different ages. Again, there are models where you can combine the carrycot with the buggy seat or models that have double – respectively multiple seats.