Baby carriers

Especially in the first months of life, it is important to establish an intensive bond with the baby, which of course is best achieved through a lot of closeness and close physical contact. I'm sure you already know that. But what if you dare the first walk, but want to do without the pram, because you finally want to have your hands free? Sure, we'll have to get a baby sling or a sling. But what is it? A model from Cybex or one from Ergobaby? Wouldn't a new brand like Najell be cooler, Marsupi also has beautiful baby carriers and then there's BabyBjörn, Jeportemonbebe, Kiddy, Marsupi, Manduca, Phil&Teds or Storchenwiege. That's a lot of choice. And then there's the decision: stretcher or scarf?

In general, carrying aids are recommended for the first nine months or up to a weight of about fifteen kilograms. If you want to use the baby sling for a particularly long time, you should make sure that the sling grows with you and is not only made for a certain age. On the fundamental question of whether you want to carry the child forward or facing you, the spirits divide. In the first few months, eye contact with the baby can help enormously and give it more security. In addition, experts say that this way the spine is not stretched. The older your treasure grows, the happier he may be about the new impressions around him and the more he likes to look ahead. It is important that babies up to the age of about three to four months have to sit in the so-called M position. The M-position is the natural holding position of babies - the knees should be a little higher than the bottom and at the height of the navel. This "squat spread posture" is very important for a natural leg position and a healthy development of the hip joints. In the beginning, adjustable head and neck supports are important so that the little head doesn't bend and the baby really lies close to the body. Most growing baby carriers have integrated seat reducers and adjustable seat stays that you can take out and adjust later.

With slings, it depends on the binding technique. This way you achieve the same comfort and a pleasant wearing comfort as with baby carriers. You are also flexible when it comes to slings: Do you want to carry your baby on your stomach, on your back or rather on your hips? All this is possible with the right binding technique. If the complex tying process is too complicated for you, so-called ring sling slings may be a solution. Here the binding is facilitated by rings. And finally: When the little ones really get bigger and you go on your first hiking tours, we also have high quality baby carriers from Deuter, Thule and Kiddy in the category baby carriers. Here the little ones feel very comfortable and are still protected from wind and weather.