Nuggis come in many designs and shapes. Here you have to trust your baby and usually test a bit to find the pacifier that suits your child best. Brands like Avent, bibi, MAM, Suavinex and others have pacifiers with mouthpieces made of silicone or latex. In addition, the nuggi consists of a so-called shield, so that it can not be swallowed. This usually has large holes in pacifiers for newborns, so that enough air can get to the delicate baby skin and there is no rash.

New parents in particular are often faced with the question "How do I soothe my baby". There are various ways to calm babies and toddlers. For some, carrying, rocking around or snuggling comfortably in their cuddle cloth helps and they are content. At some point, however, most babies are also given a pacifier. Pacifiers fulfill babies' natural need to suck. They already suck their own thumbs in the womb. They are already practicing, so to speak, to suck their mother's milk at the breast later. In addition, sucking plays an important role in jaw formation and is therefore particularly important in the early phase of dentition development. So although a pacifier obviously supports the important need to suck and can soothe children, there is still uncertainty and the pacifier is often also seen as something negative. Experts advise to use the pacifier consciously and not to use it all day. Then he is quite a good and reassuring aid. Experts disagree on the subject of suction confusion, i.e. whether a pacifier confuses small babies and they therefore refuse the breast. One thing is clear: a pacifier must be suitable for the age of the baby or toddler, should have enough air holes so that enough air gets to the baby's delicate skin, and must always be sterile. It is best to boil new pacifiers first and do this regularly later. In addition, you should regularly replace the pacifier. It depends on the age of the baby and how intensively and where the pacifier is used. By the way, it is best to sterilize it in so-called sterilizers, where you can also boil baby bottles. Of course, you can also simply use a pot with hot water. From the age of about three years, it is recommended that pacifiers be dispensed with so that the position of the teeth is not negatively affected.