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Nursing bras

When it comes to the undisputed classic of breastfeeding underwear, the nursing bra, the following applies: No matter how long you breastfeed - the purchase of two to three well-fitting models is worthwhile in any case. Your previous bras will be too small for you by now, and your breasts need more support than usual during breastfeeding to prevent overstretching of the connective tissue. They are also particularly sensitive during breastfeeding, which is why seams or underwires can quickly feel uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure that the straps are wide enough and the cups are large enough. Most models have opening flaps for breastfeeding. These are not absolutely necessary, as most cups can be pushed to the side. At the beginning of breastfeeding and even after several weeks it happens again and again that milk leaks. In this case, you can buy nursing pads so that everything always feels and looks nice and dry.

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