Dreaming of a pool in your garden? We will make your dream come true – and it needn’t be expensive, either. A water basin for cooling off in summer can be temporarily installed or a fix installation in your garden or on your terrace. Pools differ in size, materials and types. There are fabric pools, steel frame pools and steel wall pools. Fabric pools are made of synthetic fibre. They are inflatable and easy to set up and take down. Furthermore, they provide plenty of stability. Steel pipe pools are also easy to set up and take down. The poles add extra stability as they provide exterior support for the synthetic fabric. Steel wall pools are permanently installed basins that are even sturdier. The outside coat is made of steel. The inside is made of swimming pool foil. The golden rule is: The thicker the pool wall, the more stable the pool. Steel wall pools are freestanding, slightly sunk into the ground or completely sunk into the ground.

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