Garden showers

An outdoor shower can do wonders in the summer, because you can quickly get a cool head in the garden or on the terrace in the heat. In addition, solar showers offer the possibility of free hot showers.

Especially for pools, outdoor showers also offer the possibility to shower off before taking a bath and thus avoid dirt in the pool. There are different types of outdoor showers and solar showers, either simple and quickly installed variants with hose connection or somewhat more elaborately mounted and more expensive but more stable showers with water connection. Solar showers are simply connected to a cold water pipe, the solar panels then do the rest during the summer season.

If you want to prevent a muddy lawn, you can still install a waterproof base to the shower. Ideal for this are, for example, garden plates or wooden planks. Garden showers are waterproof, but depending on the model you can extend the life of the shower by regular maintenance with wax, oil or chrome polish. During the cold season, outdoor showers should be dismantled if possible and stored in a protected place.

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