Bath toys

Splashing around in the bathtub is already fun for babies. Toddlers and older children find it just as great to fool around in the water, but need more entertainment when having fun in the pool. Curtain up for a large selection of bathtub toys in our online shop. Of course you can also take the toys to the outdoor pool, to the beach or to the paddling pool or to the water slide. In our online shop we offer a wide selection of brands such as 3Sprouts, Skiphop, badebulle, die Spiegelburg, Egmont, Donkey Products, Green Toys, Hape, Happy People, Mattel or Tinti.

Distract your treasure while you wash its hair and make sure it's bubbling with submarines, ducks, coloured bath inks, buckets, crackling fun, squirt pets, little boats or just funny pets that won't sink. Find buckets and shovels and all sorts of matching shapes and figures for the holidays, no matter if you go to the beach or to the pool.