Single bed, marital bed, double bed, box spring bed, futon, upholstered bed, pull-out bed, canopy bed, loft bed, wardrobe bed, bunk bed, folding bed or waterbed – there's an enormous range of beds. Everyone will understand the importance of a bed, as statistics show we spend an average of about 24 years of our lives in bed. The bed is the centre of the bedroom and defines the style to the entire room. That is why it's worth giving it careful thought before buying a bed. Who's going to sleep in the bed (single, couple, child)? How much space is available? What about style, design, colour, material, width, height, price of the bed? A wooden bed creates a cosy, warm and homely effect, while a metal bed is modern, robust and simple. White bed frames are particularly popular. Furthermore, the height of the bed is crucial, as you want to get in and out bed comfortably. Especially when space is limited, it can be an advantage if the bed has additional storage space in the form of drawers. Also consider whether you want a bed with or without a headboard. Having a high-quality bed alone doesn't guarantee a healthy sleep. The mattress and the slatted frame are also crucial. A comfortable bed with soft pillows and cuddly blankets serves as a place to sleep as well as a retreat that invites you to read or watch TV. We offer low-piced as well as expensive design beds in our range.

Order a box spring bed and sleep like in an American hotel. Box spring beds, also called continental beds, are beds without slatted frames, which offer a high sleeping comfort because of their flat surface. Thanks to the layering of three types of mattresses (base frame with spring core, mattress and protective topper), the same push-up support is guaranteed over the entire surface you lie on. As a result, couples who are in different weight categories benefit from a constant surface and are hardly disturbed by the movements of the other. The suspension system ensures good air circulation in the mattress, so that moisture is removed more quickly. Box spring beds also have a comfortable height for lying down and getting up and are therefore particularly suitable for people with back problems.

With brands such as Hasena, Tojo, Meise Möbel, Modular, Hans Hansen, Karup and others, your bedroom will also become a place to hang out and relax. We offer beds in a range of sizes. The common sizes are: 90x200cm, 120x200cm, 140x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200 cm and 200x200cm.