Sauna accessories

A sauna is a room or group of rooms heated to a high temperature in which you take a sweat bath. Especially after long and active days outdoors, your body and you deserve a lot of relaxation. If you also have your own sauna at home, this relaxation increases immeasurably.

A few words about specific sauna accessories:

- In Central Europe, it is customary to add a few drops of essential oils, known as infusion concentrates or sauna fragrances, to the infusion water. After the infusion, the aromatic substances then unfold as a fragrant scent, adding a scent experience to the sweating. The substances are inhaled but also absorbed through the skin. With salt peeling, the body is rubbed with salt after pre-sweating or after the first infusion. The salt has a diaphoretic and disinfecting effect, and the skin is also exfoliated by the rubbing.
- A sauna control system is used to regulate the temperature and, if necessary, also the humidity, fans or infrared radiators. A distinction is made between two types of control, the external and the integrated control.
- An electric sauna heater generates heat by means of electric heating rods and releases it into the room air via stones.

Of course, the sauna experience is only complete with the right accessories, e.g. headrests, backrests or ladles, hourglasses, infusion buckets and sauna stones.