A sauna is a room or group of rooms heated to a high temperature in which you take a sweat bath. Especially after long and active days, your body and you deserve a lot of relaxation. Saunas have been used for centuries for their health benefits. The high temperatures, dry air and, where appropriate, infrared and steam heat can provide a range of benefits for the body and mind, such as improved cardiovascular health, stress reduction and general relaxation.

Saunas come in different sizes and types depending on your needs. Basically, saunas can be divided into the following types:

Garden sauna - also often referred to as a sauna house, is a sauna designed for the garden, patio or simply to be placed outside. One of the main advantages of a sauna house is that you can enjoy the sauna experience in the fresh air and natural environment, combining the heat of the sauna with the cool outdoor air. Garden saunas are especially suitable if you do not have the space for an indoor sauna and greatly appreciate the connection between sauna and nature.

Barrel sauna - A barrel sauna is a garden sauna that is shaped like a barrel. The barrel shape of the sauna is designed to maximise heating power and heat distribution, as the curved walls of the sauna help to distribute the heat evenly throughout the room. Thus, this type of sauna offers you a more compact and efficient heating experience than conventional saunas. This space-saving design makes a barrel sauna particularly suitable if you have a small garden.

Home sauna - Home saunas are a great option if you want to enjoy the benefits of a sauna in your own home. Indoor saunas come in different sizes and designs for different needs and spaces.

Infrared cabin - also often called an infrared sauna, uses infrared heaters to create a gentler and more even heat. Unlike other heaters, infrared heaters work predominantly by heating the illuminated surface, rather than by heating the air on the radiator, allowing for pinpoint treatment.

Saunas are available in different designs, for example solid wood saunas for an original sauna experience or practical and quickly assembled element saunas. You can easily find the right type of sauna for you by using the filter Construction. When choosing a sauna, you should pay particular attention to the available space in your garden or the size of the room in which you want to install the sauna. It is also important to provide good ventilation and a suitable power source to ensure that your sauna is safe and ready for use.

Whether you are looking for a sauna for your home or a sauna house for your garden, you can find saunas from brands such as Karibu or Woodfeeling to relax your mind and body and enjoy the health benefits of sauna sessions.