Best products in the Pools category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Intex Rectangular Frame

Intex Rectangular Frame (300 x 200 x 75 cm)
72.70 CHF

Intex Rectangular Frame

300 x 200 x 75 cm

2. Intex Ultra Frame XTR Set

Ultra Frame XTR Rect Set is a spacious swimming pool that offers cooling and fun for the whole family and friends in nice weather. The almost 5.5 meter long pool is printed with a mosaic pattern inside and has a water depth of 114 cm when filled to 90%. The sturdy construction is assembled in one hour and has sturdy walls with a foil thickness of 0.73 mm. The scope of delivery also includes a sand filter system and a safety ladder. 

Intex Ultra Frame XTR Set (549 x 274 x 132 cm)
824.– CHF

Intex Ultra Frame XTR Set

549 x 274 x 132 cm

3. Intex Pool Ultra Frame XTR Rect Set


Intex Pool Ultra Frame XTR Rect Set (732 x 366 x 132 cm)
1083.– CHF

Intex Pool Ultra Frame XTR Rect Set

732 x 366 x 132 cm

4. Intex Pool Ultra XTR Frame Set 549 x 132 cm

Volume: 26423 l, Pump type: Sand filter pump, Hose system: 38 mm, Shape: Round, Length: 549 cm, Width: 549 cm, Height: 132 cm, Material: polyester; plastic, Incl. safety ladder, pool cover, ground cover. 

Intex Pool Ultra XTR Frame Set 549 x 132 cm (Ø 549 x 132 cm)
749.– CHF

Intex Pool Ultra XTR Frame Set 549 x 132 cm

Ø 549 x 132 cm

5. Intex Prism Frame Set


Intex Prism Frame Set (Ø 366 x 99 cm)
243.– CHF

Intex Prism Frame Set

Ø 366 x 99 cm

6. Bestway Rectangular Frame Pool

Easy to assemble without tools possible. Steel frame with corrosion protection. Robust PVC and pool wall made of 3-layer PVC/polyester material. Integrated drain valve with garden hose adapter. Interior lining in mosaic look. More space for bathing and splashing due to angular shape. Seal and Lock steel frame connection system to protect against water entering the frame. ChemConnect chemical dispenser for clean and healthy water through even distribution of. Pool chemicals throughout the pool. Includes waterproof, self-adhesive repair patch. Pool liner made of durable, 3-layer TriTech material.
Contents: one pool, filter pump #58381, one filter cartridge size I #58093, ChemConnect chemical dispenser #58501.

Bestway Rectangular Frame Pool (282 x 196 x 84 cm)
300.– CHF

Bestway Rectangular Frame Pool

282 x 196 x 84 cm

7. Intex Prism Frame

Intex Pool Prism Frame 244 x 107 cm.

Intex Prism Frame (488 x 244 x 107 cm)
450.– CHF was 489.– CHF

Intex Prism Frame

488 x 244 x 107 cm

8. Intex Prism Frame Pool

Rectangular premium pools with Intex prismatic frame. Structure assembly time approx. 30 minutes. Total time to fill the tank approx. 45 minutes.

Intex Prism Frame Pool (400 x 200 x 122 cm)
467.82 CHF

Intex Prism Frame Pool

400 x 200 x 122 cm

9. Intex Rondo

The INTEX metal frame pool is an excellent choice for families looking for refreshment, fun and good humour. This pool is easy to assemble, robust and durable, thanks to the powder-coated construction that ensures high stability. With a diameter of 366 cm and a height of 122 cm, the pool offers enough space for the whole family.

With a filling level of 90%, the water capacity is 10,685 litres and the assembly time is only around 30 minutes. The base of the pool has a foil thickness of 0.41 mm and the wall has a thickness of 0.58 mm, which ensures a high level of stability and safety.

The construction of this pool series is powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. To ensure the safety of children, all edges are rounded. The individual parts are securely locked in place with robust POM plastic pins.

Safety is also an important factor when emptying the pool. That is why this pool has a screw-on drain valve on the outside and a second valve with a pressure seal on the inside of the pool liner as standard. This prevents unintentional draining of the pool.

Dismantling the pool should be just as easy as installing it. A drainage device with hose connection is therefore included in the basic equipment. All you have to do is unscrew the drain valve and connect the garden hose.

Connections are provided as standard for connecting an INTEX ECO filter system. recommend using these filter pumps, as they not only have the necessary connections, but also a filter capacity that is customised for this pool. If you want to use a different filter system, you must purchase the required connection parts separately.
The Ø 32 mm connection set (125022) is included in the scope of delivery.

Caps for the filter connection are already included in the basic equipment. If you want to operate the pool without filter technology or replace the filter cartridge, you can simply press it into the opening of the filter connection on the inside of the pool liner to close the connection. This is quick, easy and effective.

Intex Rondo (366 x 122 cm)
386.– CHF

Intex Rondo

366 x 122 cm

10. Bestway Power Steel

Durable PVC and polyester with triple-layer side panels. The built-in drain valve can be connected to a garden hose with the supplied adapter to easily drain the water. Self-adhesive underwater repair patch. The extra strong side walls of this pool are made of Tritech, a three-layer reinforced material with a polyester mesh core, which is incorporated into two high-density PVC layers. This results in a material thickness of 0.40-0.80mm (16-32 gauge), depending on the size of the pool, which ensures exceptional strength and durability. Steel frame with anti-corrosion coating. Seal & Lock System Steel frame connection system to prevent water ingress into the frame. Mosaic print on the inside of the pool walls and pool floor. Rectangular shape ideal for swimming. The new and fully adjustable ChemConnect chemical dosing device ensures clean pool water. Simply attach it, add tablets and determine the dosage - so that cleaning is smooth and easy. 

Bestway Power Steel (412 x 201 x 122 cm)
593.– CHF

Bestway Power Steel

412 x 201 x 122 cm