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These are the editorial team’s gift giving tips for Christmas

Martin Jungfer
Zurich, on 24.11.2021
Translation: Veronica Bielawski

The journalists of Digitec Galaxus’s editorial team publish news, background information and authentic reviews in their fields of expertise. In the vein of Christmas spirit, they’re sharing their gift ideas with you.

A new blender for your wife, socks for your husband, a box of chocolates for Grandma – you’d be hard pressed to find more clichéd Christmas gifts than that. Even Loriot, German grandmaster of humour, made fun of Christmas gift-giving in his legendary sketch «Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts» (English: Christmas with the Hoppenstedts).

But this year, gifting a nuclear power plant model is out of the question! That’s why our editors have scoured our range for products they can recommend as gifts. Find our collection of tips here:

Caro and the perfect gift for collectors of tools

While DIY aficionados typically own a bunch of tools, many have trouble keeping the tools organised.

  • Shopping guideArts and crafts

    Tips from our editors: the greatest gift for handicraft hobbyists

Patrick and the Trinity of Cycling Jackets

Wind, rain and cold are the bane of biking. These three jackets from Endura will protect avid cyclists from the elements.

  • Product presentationSport

    Tips from our editors:here’s the holy trinity of bike jackets that make for great Christmas presents

Luca and the perfect gift for Marvel fans

The Marvel book is a great reference work. Also, or maybe especially, for individuals who aren’t comic nerds.

  • ReviewMovies and series

    Tips from our editors: the perfect Christmas gift for Marvel maniacs

Ramon and the games for the eternally single

These games will keep eternal singles busy for hours on end, even in the cold season.

  • Shopping guideToys

    Tips from our editors: games for the eternally single

Nati and what beauty fans really want

Five gift ideas for beauty lovers who already own everything yet still want more.

  • Shopping guideBeauty

    Tips from our editors: gifts for beauty buffs

Vanessa and fashion gifts that have no place under the Christmas tree

Are you still searching for Christmas presents? Here’s what’s not to gift!

  • Product presentationFashion

    Tips from our editors: these 5 gifts don’t belong under any Christmas tree

Michael and the yo-yo effect

Turns out you can use an exercise wheel to bake delicious biscuits!

  • Shopping guideSport

    Editorial tips: enhance your Christmas with the yo-yo effect

Martin and his gifts for stoners

Potheads are given so much, well, shit for Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

  • Shopping guideHome

    Tips from our editors: stoner gifts that are dope

Pia and thoughtful design pieces

It’s all about design! Simply put: go for both form and function.

  • Shopping guideInterior

    Tips from our editors: sophisticated living accessories that would make great presents

Simon and «Die Doofen»

Kitchen gifts for people who already have everything (like a designer pasta strainer).

  • Shopping guideCooking

    Tips from our editors: kitchen gadgets for people who have everything

Katja and great gifts for children

Kids wind up getting so much useless stuff on Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Here are ten gift ideas for every budget.

  • Shopping guideFamily

    Tips from our editors: 10 gifts I’d give my kids

The list of tips will continue to grow. Tune in regularly to find the latest articles published by our editors. In certain cases, the products may only be available at If so, this will be indicated.

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