Serving trolleys

A chaotic accumulation of bottles of alcohol does't look appealing and can make a bad impression. Present your spirits on an elegant serving trolley with high-quality glasses. A serving trolley is an easy way to create your own minibar in your living room and is an absolute eye-catcher in your home. But this stylish furniture isn't only suitable as a minibar. In the kitchen or bathroom, a serving trolley solves limited space problems, serves as additional storage space and offers room for small and decorative items. Our wide range of serving trolleys has something for every style, be it a classic globe trolley that gives your home a touch of glamour, a metal construction with a trendy industrial look or a tea trolley with Scandinavian simplicity. There are trolleys that offer a lot or little storage space, are on wheels or have solid feet and are made of wood, metal or plastic. Find your new favourite piece of furniture and click your way through our serving trolleys by brand such as Broste Copenhagen, house doctor, Kartell, Nordal, normann Copenhagen, Zeller Present to Zoffoli. We make it possible to find the right serving trolley for you and your home and order it from the comfort of your own four walls.