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Table lamps

Table lamps, also called bedside lamps, reading lamps and also office lamps, are real mood makers. They illuminate what is dear to you and cut a particularly good figure in the living room, bedroom as a bedside lamp or in the study as a desk lamp. They are easy to install and can be used flexibly. Whether on the table, the chest of drawers or the sideboard - they are placed in no time at all.
To make your choice easier, use our filter table lamp type. No matter whether you are looking for a reading lamp, desk lamp, bedside lamp or a pleasant mood light or whether you want to design your table lamp individually with a lamp base and matching lampshade. Here you will find everything about table lamps.
A lamp base is particularly effective with a filament bulb. If you decide on a smart light source, you can control the light via your mobile phone.
You can buy lampshades from us in different materials. Mood lights are popular in the dark months. Choose a product with a smart home function, or add a smart light bulb and you can switch it on on your way home, so that it will be waiting for you when you come through the front door. Reading lamps, bedside lamps and desk lamps can be purchased either with mains power or rechargeable batteries. Thus they remain versatile.
Lamps with accumulator or battery power can be taken outside in summer to enjoy cozy evenings with light on the terrace or balcony. But also our solar lights with LEDs are versatile. Use our filter energy supply to find the right lighting.
In our assortment you will find multifunctional and high-quality models from Brilliant to Beliani, house doctor, Artemide, Hansa and bin to Flos.
Brands such as Philips, Eglo, Kartell, Vita or Fatboy in particular create not only practical but also stylish table lamps. You can find everything from colourful variations in plastic to discreet lamps in metal.