The urban balcony – more than storage space
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The urban balcony – more than storage space

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 01.03.2016
City balconies are hardly ever large and at best overlook a bit of green courtesy of the local park. But let’s assume you’ve got to make do with less than 8m² and your only views are of the concrete building next door. Then it’s high time for a balcony makeover! We’ll show you how you can turn your rubbish bag depot into an inviting haven.

A splash of colour in the concrete jungle!

Colourful furniture instantly creates a summer atmosphere, even on dreary days. Get creative with colours and patterns – anything goes as long as you like it! To make the most of every inch of your future urban haven, space-saving furniture is the be all and end all. Try to go for multifunctional, foldaway or stackable pieces of furniture. Why not move weatherproof indoor furniture outdoors so you can enjoy it all year round? Fairy lights or colourful lanterns will set the mood for evenings spent on the balcony. Go for airy furniture designs whenever possible: Delicate pieces with a wired look don’t add bulk and also happen to be in fashion.

Frühstück-Set (3Piece)
29.–instead of 52.401
Haynan Frühstück-Set (3Piece)
Barcelona (80 x 200 cm)
Beija Flor Barcelona (80 x 200 cm)
Large Jar (623g, Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla, sweet lime, Spicy Chord)
Yankee Candle Large Jar (623g, Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla, sweet lime, Spicy Chord)
Party Lantern Mix (30cm)
Quantity discount
5.60for 3 Pieces
Star Trading Party Lantern Mix (30cm)

Planting upwards

Make the most of vertical surfaces and go for pots that are stackable or that can be attached to the railing. This will save a lot of precious floor space.

2er-Turm Cascada / Cascadino All in One
Lechuza 2er-Turm Cascada / Cascadino All in One

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Léonie de Montmollin
Léonie de Montmollin
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