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    Your garden is thirsty - avoid these mistakes

    by Darina Schweizer

Irrigation system

An irrigation computer is an irrigation automation system that is responsible for a regulated and automated water supply. Its task is to supply plants regularly and quantitatively with water as required in order to ensure optimum growth. By means of sensors, programs and time functions, the garden tools can be adapted and adjusted to the respective irrigation systems. The computer automatically regulates and controls watering and activates the system as soon as water is needed. In addition to the amount of water, nutrient-rich substances such as fertilizers can also be distributed. In addition, the water consumption is minimized and can prevent a high humidity with possible fungal infestation of the plants.

The fields of application are many and so the irrigation computer can be used virtually everywhere where the cultivation and growth of plants is to be promoted. In addition to regulating large irrigation systems in agriculture, irrigation computers are used in horticulture, such as ornamental plant and vegetable cultivation, tree nurseries, greenhouses, parks and private households. Sprinklers, for example, can be adjusted and regulated at will by the watering computer, e.g. even during holidays. A good alternative for indoor use is drip irrigation.

In our assortment we carry brands such as Gardena and Kärcher.
The scope of delivery also includes battery, soil moisture sensor and remote control.