Gifts for 3-year olds

Gifts for 3-year olds

created on 12.11.2015

Kids this age enjoy playing with peers and (usually) stick to the rule of taking turns. From handicraft to building bricks to helping out with daily chores – at the age of three, the little ones are not just super active but also have loads of questions about the how the why and the what.

Building sets – for wee construction workers

Building blocks set (10692, LEGO Classic)
LEGO Building blocks set (10692, LEGO Classic)

Fine motor skills – beginners handicraft

Kinetic Sand Box
Spin Master Kinetic Sand Box

Gross motor skills – riding, jumping, climbing

Creating worlds of play

Role playing games – just like the grown-ups

Playful learning – why, how, what?

Board games

3-year old kids like playing together and are already quite advanced when it comes to taking turns and playing fairly.

Orchard - The Memo Game
9.90was 11.50
Haba Orchard - The Memo Game
Unicorn Glitter Glow
Quantity discount
10.90per piece for 2 units
Haba Unicorn Glitter Glow

All parlour games

Rhythm and music

Kids love music from a very young age. They jump and clap to the rhythm and sometimes even join in with the singing. Music promotes the development of childrens' motor skills and dexterity. Musical instruments are a great way to get those mini musicians started.

Dolls and stuffed toys

Planscherle Dela
Käthe Kruse Planscherle Dela
Waldorf doll Benni
Käthe Kruse Waldorf doll Benni
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