Buying a scooter is made easy for you at Galaxus. You will find scooters of many different brands like Micro, Chilli, Hudora, or Globber. We offer scooters for adults as well as for children and teenagers. Some models are already suitable for toddlers from about one year of age, as parents can keep control of the handlebars.

When buying a scooter, you should pay attention to whether it is collapsible and where you want to use it mainly. Chilli brand stunt scooters are suitable for the skate park, because Chilli scooters are much more robust and not collapsible. If you use your scooter for city traffic, your way to work or friends, a scooter for the normal street is recommended. You can also choose the equipment of your scooter and decide which type of tyres you want or whether you need a stand on your scooter. A height-adjustable handlebar is recommended, as this allows more people to ride your scooter. Browse through the large selection and decide between the Mirco Scooter and other renowned brands.

In addition to the classic scooters with foot drive, there are also electric scooters that can reach speeds of up to 35km/h. You can find the e-scooters in our shop under "E-mobility".