Play shops

A shop with accessories is the perfect gift. It is easy and quick to assemble. You can immediately try out the shop with siblings, grandparents, mum and dad and friends. Different age groups can let their imagination run wild behind the shop counter and learn how to handle money in role play. Thanks to the almost endless selection of matching accessories, the mini shop can be decorated over and over again and supplemented with high-quality accessories for every child's birthday. Almost all well-known brands such as Persil, Nutella, Kägi or Hipp offer miniature food, cardboard or plastic packaging to fill the shelves of the market stall. In addition, of course, the little sellers need play money, cash register, scales, shopping basket, vegetables, milk, fruit, detergent and decorations to encourage their creativity and thus learn to weigh, sell, buy and pay at the stall. Playing in a shop is educational and encourages motor skills, creativity and interaction with others from around 3 years old. Most of the shops are made of high-quality materials and mostly of wood. The more wood is processed, the more expensive but also more durable are the shop. No matter which model from brands such as Eichorn, EverEarth, KidKraft, small foot, Goki, Haba, Janod, Plantoys, Simba, Pinolino or Spielba you choose - it complements the children's room furnishings perfectly and is just as good a gift as a doll's kitchen, a doll's house or experimental toys.