Scandinavian style is best known for soft colours, sparse decoration and simple shapes.
Industrial chic: Scandinavian design likes to add metal furniture here and there.
Natural and warm materials such as wood and rattan create a comfy atmosphere.
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Eat in style – four Nordic dining room looks to emulate

Pia Seidel
Zurich, on 22.06.2017
Revision: Eva Francis

The Scandinavian countries rally together when it comes to making your four walls as “hyggelig” as possible. Danish and Swedish design in particular sets the tone and conjures up Nordic cosiness in a variety of ways. We have chosen four styles with lots of Scandi brands so there is something for all tastes.


Scandinavians are probably best known for modern design. Soft colours, sparse decoration and simple shapes characterise their furniture and accessories. They implement their concepts effortlessly without fuss and adornments.

The result is simple, neutral furniture that would be at home in almost any setting. One brand that is typical of this look is Danish Woud. Their work is a modern take on scandinavian tradition and adds a touch of innovation.

Brands like Woud combine light wood and pastel tones for muted colours with soft accents.
grey stone (18 cm, 1 x)
House Doctor grey stone (18 cm, 1 x)
Oona (175 x 240 cm)
Normann Copenhagen Oona (175 x 240 cm)


Ceramics in earthy tones, natural materials such as leather, linen, lots of wood and rattan define this rustic Nordic design. Brands like Bloomingville add touches of green and flowers to revitalise your four walls. The colour scheme used in this design is also quite sober and features patterns and different textures. Rattan furniture with its beautiful wickerwork is light and stylish.

When surrounded by enough white, even dark furniture looks welcoming and fresh. Image: Bloomingville
Evelyse (18 cm, 1.40 l, 1 x)
Bloomingville Evelyse (18 cm, 1.40 l, 1 x)
Stripe (115 cm)
House Doctor Stripe (115 cm)


Even industrial chic managed to find its way into Nordic design. Metal furniture in particular is a real favourite in this style. This is partly because brass and copper have been on trend for a while now. But it can also be put down to the fact metal is so malleable and versatile with wood – take your pick from raw, matt or shiny.

Vintage lighting is also popular. Think traditional light bulbs where you can see the individual filaments. It is this kind of lighting that brings a home to life.

Easy-to-clean metal accessories look great with chrome kitchen fittings in open-plan dining rooms. Image: house doctor
Noir (1 x)
Bloomingville Noir (1 x)


Lots of people like to use accent colours when decorating their homes. This colour use is also preferred in Scandi style, which makes it such a good design to adopt. Admittedly, most brands such as Normann Copenhagen are still a bit tentative and prefer soft touches of colour. This is why they go all out with colours when it comes to accessories and furniture. The simple use of form means items can often be combined with coloured walls for a bold, abstract effect.

Bright walls and furniture create colour and contrast. Image: Normann Copenhagen
Bowl (9 cm, 0.25 l, 3 x)
Zone Denmark Bowl (9 cm, 0.25 l, 3 x)
Teppich (60 x 120 cm)
Bloomingville Teppich (60 x 120 cm)

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