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A breath of fresh air – Scandinavian style

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 22.06.2016
What do the brands “house doctor”, “Bloomingville”, “normann Copenhagen” and “Ferm Living” have in common? They’re all Danish and create beautiful designs for your home. Calming night blues and crisp lime greens: We’ve combined our Scandinavian brands to create a refreshing Nordic look. Discover the richness of the brands and be inspired by our compilation.
Sophie (1x, Cup)
Bloomingville Sophie (1x, Cup)
Light House (43.70cm)
normann COPENHAGEN Light House (43.70cm)
Twist a Twill (130 x 190 cm)
Silkeborg Twist a Twill (130 x 190 cm)
Gläserset Houston (5x)
house doctor Gläserset Houston (5x)
Form Armchair I
normann COPENHAGEN Form Armchair I
Rita (70 x 200 cm)
Brita Sweden Rita (70 x 200 cm)
Sunshine (Duvet cover, 160 x 210 cm)
Himla Sunshine (Duvet cover, 160 x 210 cm)
Bloomingville Divine
Sandrine (0.50l, 1x, Cup)
Bloomingville Sandrine (0.50l, 1x, Cup)

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Léonie de Montmollin
Léonie de Montmollin
Category Marketing Manager, Zurich
When I’m not busy putting together home décor themes or planning marketing activities for Galaxus, I enjoy decorating my home with things I love and starting DIY projects I finish all too rarely. The inspiration I get comes from blogs, magazines and travels. My favourite home living styles: Nautical, Scandinavian and Nordic.

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