Best products in the Smoking accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Weber Smoking chips

Smoked chips for fine grill flavour in seven flavours. pecan wood, apple wood, cherry wood, hickory, mesquite, beech and whiskey

2. Weber Applewood

Smoking chips for a fine grill aroma in seven flavours. Pecan walnut, applewood, cherrywood, hickory, mesquite, beech and whiskey. Experiment with your recipes with different smoking chips and discover new, delicious flavours. 

3. Weber wood chunks

Larger pieces of wood that burn more slowly and release their fine smoked aroma over a longer period of time. Two flavours: Hickory and Mesquite.

4. Weber Smokebox Universal

Noble smoke aroma for all gas grills from Weber Q 200 - fill with smoke chips, heat on the grill and smoke. The smoke box Universal 7576 from Weber has a universal design for smoking directly on the grill grid. It gives every grill dish a delicious smoke aroma and refines the dishes with a hint of hickory, apple, oak or cherry wood. All you need to do is place the smoke box directly on the grill to turn the gas or charcoal grill into a smoker. 

5. Weber cold smoking unit

The cold smoking unit from Weber is the easiest way to smoke ham, sausage, fish or cheese. In the end, the cold smoking unit is a simple smoking screw. The snail is filled with smoked flour or shavings and then smouldered with the help of a tea light or an igniter. After the fire has started, the embers slowly eat their way from the outside to the inside. A filling has a burning time of approx. 8 - 10 hours. The smoking unit continuously and evenly releases the desired smoke aroma, which gives your smoked food a great taste. 

6. Weber Smoking boards

Smoking boards made of cedar wood ideal for smoking fillet pieces. Packing capacity 2 pcs.

7. Napoleon Charcoal insert

Do you miss the aroma of charcoal when grilling with a gas barbecue? Then Napoleon has just the right accessories for you in its range, the ingenious charcoal insert. With the charcoal insert, you can also use charcoal in a gas barbecue and enjoy playing with the fire. At the same time, the Napoleon charcoal insert even offers a chamber for smoking chips. Thanks to the Napoleon charcoal insert, the question of charcoal or gas no longer arises. Mostly men prefer to grill with charcoal to get a better taste and the typical aroma of charcoal, while women prefer the clean and fast gas grill. With the ingenious charcoal insert you enjoy the advantages of both systems and can switch between them at any time. The insert is cast iron and therefore very solid. Cast iron has the ideal properties for igniting and heating the charcoal thanks to its enormous heat conductivity. The insert is placed directly above the burners in the gas grill. To do this, simply remove the grill grids and the flame guard from the grill and insert the charcoal insert. Then you can simply fill the charcoal tray with wood charcoal and, if necessary, place smoking chips in the designated chamber of the insert. Then put the grill grate back on and off you go. Switch on the burners of the gas barbecue to heat up the grill and make the charcoal glow. As soon as the charcoal glows, switch the burners off again and grill with the charcoal. Try the insert and both sides, the charcoal grill and the gas grill will be delighted with the charcoal insert. Suitable for: Napoleon gas barbecue series 450, 485, 500, 600, 605, 730, 750. 

8. Weber Smoked flour

You want to smoke your food on your grill? This is also possible when cold, so that heat-sensitive food can also be smoked. For this you need Weber's cold smoked hooks and a grill with lid. This smoking flour is specially adapted to the cold smoking unit and thus to an optimal combustion in this device. 

9. Esschert Design Smoking board salmon

This salmon smoking board made of untreated cedar wood is equipped with stainless steel clips. Attach the salmon to the board with the clips and attach the holder to the fire bowl or barbecue. The holder can be tilted to place the salmon closer to the fire. When protein comes out of the salmon, the fish is ready and then: bon appétit. - made of cedar wood - equipped with stainless steel clamps - for grill, fire bowl and basket - the holder can be tilted. 

10. Grillfürst Incense Planks Cedar XL 40 x 19.5 x 1.1 cm Set of 2

With the Grillfürst Smoking Boards XL, even large pieces of meat can be smoked comfortably and easily. The spicy and somewhat more intense smoke aroma of cedar wood refines the grilled specialities during the cooking process. It does not matter which grill is used for smoking. A smoking cabinet is not necessary either. The only thing that is absolutely necessary is a grill with a lid. The food is simply placed on the smoking smoking board and then cooked in the grill. The highlights of the Grillfürst Smoking Plank XL Cedar 40 x 19.5 x 1 cm 100% pure cedar wood Easy to use Extra large smoking plank for larger pieces of meat Intense and spicy smoke aroma for fish, poultry, pork, meat and meat products.Suitable for charcoal grills, gas grills and the oven Can be used several times Alternatively, beer, wine, juice, etc. can be used for soaking. Cedar has a rather spicy smoke aroma, which is why this type of wood is perfect for fish. But also all other types of meat and smoking projects that need a stronger smoke flavour are ideally refined with the cedar planks. Thus, the cedar wood barbecue board can be used almost universally and is suitable for any smoked speciality. Grilling with the cedar wood smoking board XL Before use, the smoking board must be soaked for approx. 90 minutes. The moisture prevents unwanted aromas that would arise from burning the wood and ensures that the smoking board glows steadily and slowly. Wine, beer or juice can also be used to refine the flavour a little more and add a special touch. After that, the cedar smoking board simply needs to be heated up and made to smoulder (and smoke). Once this is the case, the food is simply placed on the board and gently brought to the desired cooking point in the indirect area of your grill.