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Gas BBQs

Gas grills are more popular than ever - among the different grill types they stand for high quality, beautiful design, comfortable operation and a wide range of grilling options. They are also often found on balconies and terraces as they produce less smoke than charcoal grills. They also offer many advantages for relaxed barbecues in larger circles. On average, gas grills have a long service life and only require new gas cartridges. In addition, they are quick to set up, easy and precisely controllable and easy to clean. In contrast to grilling with coal, a gas grill is fueled by a separate, replaceable gas cartridge. Like a gas stove, it is switched on at the push of a button automatically and is ready for use within a very short time. All that remains to be done is to adjust and control the heat optimally using the rotary controls, place food on the grill and close the lid. The most important elements of a gas grill are the grill grate, burner system and lid. A good barbecue grill should be rustproof and, above all, very stable. It's made of porcelain enamelled steel, cast iron or high quality stainless steel. High-quality gas grills have at least two continuously adjustable burners, which allow direct and indirect grilling. The unit "kW" gives information about the performance of the burner - a higher performance often means that the optimum grilling temperature is reached quickly and kept constant. Lids have heat-storing or insulating properties and lead to the so-called "oven effect" during the cooking process when closed. High-quality lids are made of injection-moulded aluminium or double-walled sheet metal. Types of gas grills and standing grills or grill stations are multifunctional and very popular gas grill models. Side trays allow you to work directly on the grill and with the large grill you can serve many people at the same time. If you're looking for grilling, cooking and baking options all in one, a kettle grill might be for you. Here the food is cooked over circulating air, which eliminates fat burning. In addition, kettle grills are often more compact, more flexible to place and therefore suitable for smaller barbecues. People with little space on their balcony, terrace, garden or in their luggage often prefer camping grills or table grills. These are much smaller than other gas grills, but perform well and fit onto almost any table. Planchas are also becoming more and more popular: instead of grilling on a classic grill, they grill on a smooth plate, which means that a wide variety of dishes can be gently prepared, becoming more aromatic. Accessories and cleaning Various accessories can make grilling with gas grills even easier and more versatile. Great highlights include barbecue thermometers, rotating spits or pizza and smoking accessories. To extend the service life of a gas grill, a grill cover and regular cleaning are also recommended. Grate and grill surfaces can first be cleaned of food and fat residues by "burning out", heating at the highest level with the lid closed. Other residues can be removed using steel wool, conventional cleaning with water and detergent or a cleaning service. Brands with Outdoorchef's kettle grills, for example, allow you to grill, cook, boil and bake. The rotating funnel inside the ball protects against fat flame fire and unpleasant smoke development. Weber gas grills, on the other hand, are usually rectangular in shape, have outstanding quality and optimum heat distribution. Napoleon also offers high-quality products with exciting functions. Finally, Campingaz gas grills impress with their unique price/performance ratio and innovative features.