Pellets are an essential item for pellet grills and smokers, offering a convenient and consistent fuel source for outdoor cooking. Crafted from compressed sawdust, pellets provide an efficient burn and are available in multiple hardwood varieties, each imparting a unique flavor profile to the food. Users appreciate the ease of maintaining temperature control with pellets and enjoy the clean combustion they present compared to traditional charcoal. Not only are they used in specialized grills for their slow-burning properties, but they're also sought after by those who appreciate pellet stoves for indoor heating due to their sustainability and low emissions.

Among the high-quality brands catering to pellet users, Ooni stands out with their Premium wood pellets, favored for pizza ovens and portable cooking equipment. Traeger, another leading name, offers their Hardwood Hickory pellets, prized for the robust flavor they bring to barbecued meats. Bear Mountain's granulés HICKORY, weighing 9kg, are popular for their reliability and flavor, while Moesta BBQ attracts enthusiasts with their Beech pellets in a 5 kg package, ideal for versatile cooking needs. Lastly, Weber, a longstanding giant in the grilling industry, supplies Wood pellets cherry wood in 8 kg bags, a top choice for those seeking a sweet, fruity smoke. These brands ensure that whether for grilling, smoking or heating, there are pellets available to suit various preferences and applications.