BBQ lighting

Lighting a barbecue or fireplace can be troublesome and annoy neighbors with smoke. Lighting aids are very practical to get fire or embers going conveniently, safely, with relatively little smoke and quickly. In addition, you can control the aroma of your barbecue by adding certain aromatic types of wood and pellets.

Modern igniters like to use the chimney effect and starters made from organic and unpolluted natural products. These also guarantee low-pollutant meals. Here, a poker or charcoal tongs are still useful to distribute the glowing coals well.

There are different types of lighting aids. For charcoal grills you can use mechanical aids, such as lighting chimneys, which greatly reduce the lead time for lighting, are comparatively risk-free and distribute the heat well on pieces of charcoal. But be careful with the fireplace handle, it can get quite hot. You can wear gloves here as a precaution. Liquid lighters such as gasoline or methylated spirits are not suitable for setting charcoal on fire because of the high risk of deflagration. Paraffin-based liquid lighters are safer. Although solid paraffin-based ignition aids reliably set embers alight, they are sometimes unpopular because ignition is accompanied by unpleasant odors. In contrast, pressed wood fibers, for example, are odorless and tasteless and get along well with wood and charcoal. Wood in smokers can be set on fire well with pellets.

For efficient use, kindling should be stored in a dry place as a matter of urgency. This applies to both kindling and barbecue charcoal and pellets, which can be stored in storage boxes, for example.

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