BBQ covers

Barbecues are often expensive and much-loved appliances. Once you're not using your grill, you should protect it from dirt, dust, wind, rain, snow, UV rays and cold to prolong its life. Instead of relegating it to a garage or garden shed, or worse, leaving it unprotected to the elements, you might consider purchasing a grill cover as a wise investment.
In addition to regular thorough cleaning, a suitable grill cover is a very simple and straightforward way to ensure that your grill surfaces and materials last a long time and are ready for use as desired.

Grill covers are available in different sizes and shapes, so you can find the right cover for every model.
Cut to fit, thick and high-quality materials protect against weather, UV rays and dirt. Simply pull grill cover over grill or smoker and adjust with adjustable cords and straps. The material is usually made of UV-resistant PVC, nylon or is leather-like to keep out all the influences that could affect your grill. The grill hood is open at the bottom so that the heat does not accumulate under the hood in the summer and moisture can evaporate quickly.

Filters such as "Brand", "Suitable for" and size filters allow you to quickly and easily find the right model for you from brands such as Weber, Outdoorchef, Napoleon, Broil King, Campinggaz or LotusGrill.

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