Pellet BBQs

A wood pellet grill combines the advantages of a gas grill with those of a charcoal grill. The automatic ignition, the temperature control and the pellet storage container allow you to grill with the comfort of a gas grill without having to give up the typical barbecue aroma of charcoal. Pellet grills are real all-rounders and offer an exquisite taste experience: thanks to their wide temperature range, not only can you grill, but you can also cook, braise, smoke and roast with them. It is controlled in a similar way to a gas grill: switch it on, heat it up and grill – a power outlet must therefore be in the immediate vicinity. The pellets are filled into a pellet funnel during grilling and transported under the grill grate / fat trap plate via a screw conveyor. When switched on, the pellets are then fired up and continue to burn independently. This process offers two advantages at once: the firing of the grill takes place extremely comfortably at the push of a button and, in addition, there is always a constant supply of grill embers. A real barbecue is carried out on relatively low heat of about 90 to 160°C with the lid of the fire box open. Cooking the meat takes a little longer this way, but you'll get rewarded by an incredibly juicy taste and a particularly smoky taste. In addition, the grilled food is gently cooked by the smoky circulating air. Want to cook a little faster? Then you can also grill the meat indirectly with the lid of the fire box closed, around 160 to 300°C. The meat will also be very tasty, but a little less smoky and possibly less juicy than the BBQ. Smoking works basically like barbecueing. Depending on the quantity and type of wood, the meat can have a very intense, even strong smoky taste. The grilled meat gets its unique taste from the smoke, which can be designed according to personal preferences. Simply use the wood whose smoke aroma you like the most. For a real barbecue experience we recommend wood from fruit trees. Important: it must not have been treated with chemicals. Here you play it safe if you use our BBQ pellets, which are available in different flavours. Fancy a change? Pellet pizza stoves are the lighter alternative to the traditional pizza wood stove. In just a few minutes, the pellet stove reaches the necessary temperature to bake an authentic wood-burning oven pizza within 60 to 120 seconds. In our range you will find pellet cookers and ovens from the Traeger, Landmann and Uuni brands.

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