Top-rated products in the Smoking accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Weber wood chunks

Larger pieces of wood that burn more slowly and release their fine smoked aroma over a longer period of time. Two flavours: Hickory and Mesquite.

2. Weber Smoking chips

Smoked chips for fine grill flavour in seven flavours. pecan wood, apple wood, cherry wood, hickory, mesquite, beech and whiskey

3. Weber Smokebox Universal

Noble smoke aroma for all gas grills from Weber Q 200 - fill with smoke chips, heat on the grill and smoke. The smoke box Universal 7576 from Weber has a universal design for smoking directly on the grill grid. It gives every grill dish a delicious smoke aroma and refines the dishes with a hint of hickory, apple, oak or cherry wood. All you need to do is place the smoke box directly on the grill to turn the gas or charcoal grill into a smoker. 

4. Weber Applewood

Smoking chips for a fine grill aroma in seven flavours. Pecan walnut, applewood, cherrywood, hickory, mesquite, beech and whiskey. Experiment with your recipes with different smoking chips and discover new, delicious flavours. 

5. Weber Smoked flour

You want to smoke your food on your grill? This is also possible when cold, so that heat-sensitive food can also be smoked. For this you need Weber's cold smoked hooks and a grill with lid. This smoking flour is specially adapted to the cold smoking unit and thus to an optimal combustion in this device. 

6. PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro

The Smoking Gun produces a cold smoke that can be applied to any type of food or liquid. With the handy device it is very easy to produce a variety of smoky flavors. A variety of wood chips can be used, as well as tea, herbs, spices, hay or even dried flowers, the only limit is your imagination. Some features: Removable combustion chamber, variable fan speed, integrated foot so that the device can be placed well and sturdy professional quality. Included in delivery are two cans of wood chips (apple wood and hickory), four AA batteries, four replacement smoke grids and an instruction manual. Special introductory price! Available from May 2017. 

7. Broil King Premium

This Smokerbox was designed to be placed on top of the Flav-R-Wave. With the two fillable chambers and an air regulation the box provides for double smoke development. This professional smoker box doesn't just smoke. 

8. Broil King Chips

Broil King wood chips apple are perfect for smoking vegetables, fish or poultry. The handling is very simple. Soak the desired amount of chips in water and put the whole thing in the embers. With a gas barbecue you simply use a smoker box. The content is approx. 1100 cm³ (700-900-g). 

9. Rosenstein & Söhne Smoke box

Spice up your barbecue food and give it a very special touch. Whether smoky, spicy or with a whisky note: With this stainless steel smoking box, your barbecue food becomes a culinary experience. The principle behind it is very simple: Place e.g. moist smoking chips or herbs in the box - and then place them on the embers. You can smoke steak &, Co. just the way you like it. Robust smoking box made of stainless steel. Suitable for all gas and charcoal grills. Ideal for smoking chips, herbs, wood pellets and much more: gives the grilled food a great aroma. Keeps its shape even at high temperatures thanks to thick walls. 

10. Weber Smoking boards

Smoking boards made of cedar wood ideal for smoking fillet pieces. Packing capacity 2 pcs.