Toilets + bidets

Toilets and bidets play a pivotal role in the daily hygiene routines of millions, offering both functionality and comfort in personal care. The evolution of these bathroom staples has led to the development of integrated systems that provide users with enhanced cleanliness and ease of use. For the eco-conscious, modern toilets and bidets also come with water-saving technologies. A bidet provides a stream of water for post-toilet personal cleaning, reducing the need for toilet paper and increasing hygiene. Meanwhile, technologically advanced toilets integrate bidet functions, consolidating the benefits of both systems into a single fixture, leading to a more streamlined and minimalist bathroom design.

Among the top brands that excel in providing quality toilets and bidets, Laufen stands out with its Cleanet Navia, which combines elegance with advanced hygiene features. Grohe, with its Sensia Arena shower toilet system, redefines the standard for luxury and technology in bathroom fixtures, well-suited for wall-mounted configurations and designed for contemporary aesthetics. Duravit offers the Durastyle Rimless wall-hung WC set, which casts aside conventional designs for a rimless, easy-to-clean approach that enhances sanitary conditions. Geberit's AquaClean Cama shower toilet boasts a seamless design that incorporates personal cleanliness with comfort. For those seeking affordability without compromising quality, VidaXL's Lola model is a sound choice, combining functionality and a customer-friendly price point. All these brands strive to offer durability, comfort, and innovations that reflect the changing landscape of bathroom hygiene and design.