Toilet lids

A toilet seat is mounted on the toilet by means of a mounting device. It usually consists of a separate lift-up toilet lid and a toilet seat. In rare cases, there is only a toilet seat without a toilet lid.

Our assortment offers a wide range of toilet seats from Duravit, Diaqua, Grohe, Laufen, Wenko and many other brands. Most models come with a matching fixing set. In addition, mounting sets are available individually as accessories or spare parts in our store, although it is of course easier and less complicated to replace the entire toilet seat.

How can I find out if a new toilet seat fits? Unfortunately, there is no universal size or overarching standard for toilet seats or hinges. However, it can be stated that the vast majority of toilet lids fit the vast majority of toilets. Many hinges are individually adjustable and can be variably adapted.
If one would like to be nevertheless safe with the purchase, one can orient oneself at the existing WC eyeglasses and take up three masses: The length, the width and the hole distance measured from hole center to hole center.
Fitting a new toilet seat requires little to no tools and hardly any expertise.

When buying a toilet seat, you have a wide choice in color, material and additional features. Since you sit on the toilet for some time every day, the seat should be comfortable and visually appealing.

In our offer there are not only elegant plain models in all possible colors, but also various toilet seats with motif, for example, with animals, plants, flowers, wood look, geometric shapes or other iconic and fun designs.

Toilet lids are mainly made of plastic or wood. The choice of material has advantages and disadvantages. WC rings made of plastic are plain, easy to clean and usually inexpensive. WC rings made of wood, on the other hand, look more noble and natural due to their unique grains and feel warmer when you sit down.

Various toilet seats in our range offer a number of additional functions.

Toilet lids with automatic lowering are models in which the lid closes self-lowering, gently and silently when you give it a little push down. Banging noises from falling toilet lids can be prevented elegantly and sustainably, and no one can pinch their fingers anymore. Certain manufacturers also talk about a soft-close, easy-close or silent-close mechanism. The soft-close mechanism works thanks to a spring or a rotation damper in the hinge of the toilet lid. In order not to damage the automatic mechanism, such a lid should never be pressed down forcefully.

Hygiene is also an important criterion for WC lids. Models with Easy Cleaning or Easy Clean can be easily separated from the ceramic bowl for cleaning and then reattached. Some models also offer an antibacterial surface or even a shower function with hygienic shower for a clean intimate area.

So-called toilet seat elevations are suitable for people with limited mobility, knee problems or age-related weakness. Such elevations make sitting down and standing up easier. They can simply be placed on the toilet seat and removed again after use.

To make it easier for children to go to the toilet, there are special toilet seats with a family or child function. These are models that offer a choice of several different-sized WC rings at the same time.