Toilet tanks

The flush toilet is located above the toilet bowl. About ten liters of tap water are collected in the flush through a fill valve. This water is released from the flush (flush set or actuator plate), flows down through a thick pipe and then triggers the flushing process in the toilet bowl.

In our assortment you will find various flushers from Grohe, Geberit, Laufen and other brands. You can also buy flush buttons and fill valves in our online store.

There are two ways to install a flush: the toilet cistern and the pop-up flush.
The toilet cistern is shaped like a box (white) and is placed visibly and directly above the toilet. A drill is required for installation, but there are various models with adjustable suspension devices, where the previous holes in the wall can also be used.
The advantages are obvious: installation and repair are easier and are practical and economical.

The concealed flush, on the other hand, is a completely walled-in cistern. Drywall is easier and less expensive to install. Unlike the toilet cistern, the one in the concealed version is not visible, but rather elegantly hidden in the wall and requires a button or actuation plate mounted in the wall. Concealed flushers are popular and are gradually becoming the standard option in renovations and new buildings.

The advantages of concealed flush houses elegantly hidden in the wall, are less space occupied and more attractive bathroom. In addition, they require little maintenance, because behind a wall there is no need for regular cleaning.

A flush requires three to fourteen liters of water, depending on the model and the flushing process. On average, people go to the bathroom six to seven times a day, resulting in a water consumption of over 40 liters per person per day. Thanks to flushing, this is done cleanly and quickly. Because of water consumption, the demand for water-saving flushers is increasing. That's why there are toilet cisterns with flush-stop function or dual-flush technology. With the flush-stop function, the amount of water can be adjusted manually, and with dual-flush technology you can choose between a large flush (about seven to nine liters) and a small flush (about three to four liters).