When it comes to furnishing a bathroom, the washbasin is an indispensable element. It not only serves hygiene purposes, but also contributes to the aesthetics and functionality of the room. But what types of washbasins are there and what should you look for when choosing?

A frequently encountered washbasin is the countertop washbasin, also known as a countertop basin or countertop bowl. This type of washbasin is mounted on a slab or piece of furniture and blends seamlessly into the overall look of the bathroom. They come in various shapes and sizes, from round and oval to rectangular and square.

Another popular variant is the built-in washbasin, which is recessed into the vanity top. This type of washbasin offers the advantage that it is seamlessly integrated into the washbasin and thus forms a smooth surface without any disturbing edges and corners. Here, too, there are different shapes and sizes, so there is a washbasin to suit every taste.

For smaller bathrooms, a wall-mounted washbasin is often suitable, which saves valuable space. This type of washbasin comes in various designs, from classic oval shapes to modern angular designs.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right washbasin is the material. Ceramic is the most commonly used material for washbasins, as it is robust and easy to clean. However, there are also alternative materials such as glass, natural stone or stainless steel that can add a special touch to the bathroom.