Bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings are an essential component in any modern bathroom, designed to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. These fittings include a variety of fixtures that control the flow of water in a bathroom, from filling a basin to running a relaxing shower or bath. Customers interested in bathroom fittings are typically homeowners, interior designers, or contractors looking to add functional elegance to bathrooms. They make everyday activities such as washing hands, taking a shower, or drawing a bath not just routine but also a luxurious experience with the right fittings.

The subtypes within bathroom fittings include bidet fittings, which are specialized for cleaning after using the toilet; pillar taps, known for their separate hot and cold controls; bath tub fittings that fill bathtubs efficiently; and shower fittings, which range from simple units to sophisticated systems that can transform any shower experience. Shower arms and wall connection bends are integral for mounting showerheads, while basin mixers combine hot and cold water flows into a single spout. Additionally, bathroom faucet accessories are available to enhance the functionality and style of the fittings.

When considering the important properties of bathroom fittings, height becomes a significant factor for user comfort and compatibility with basins or baths. For example, a typical height of 110mm might be ideal for a basin mixer but may vary based on individual needs or specific bathroom configurations. Customers should use the height property to filter and find the ideal product that not only meets their ergonomic requirements but also complements the design of their bathroom space.

Top brands in the world of bathroom fittings include hansgrohe, offering products such as the BATH FAUCET 71402000 LOGIS, which exemplifies sleek design and user-friendly functionality. Gessi presents an array of luxurious options like the Emporio anti-limestone overhead shower with joint, offering a premium shower experience. Grohe's Eurosmart Cosmopolitan single-lever basin mixer M-Size is another standout, incorporating smart design for ease of use. KWC's Domo 6.0 series reflects modern sensibilities in tap design, while Duravit's Wave 3-hole bath mixer showcases elegance for the bath. Each brand brings its unique mix of quality, innovation, and design to the bathroom fittings market, catering to a wide range of customer preferences and needs.