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    Nifty niches for more space in your shower

    by Pia Seidel

Bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings are used in the bathroom or laundry room. Every day we all use countless fittings, for example when showering or washing our hands. The term comes from the sanitary sector. Many people would also simply call the tap a faucet. Bathroom taps come in many different types, designs and shapes, depending on personal needs and tastes. Some of the most important types of bathroom fittings and their characteristics are described below.

The most common bathroom taps are washbasin taps, bath taps, shower taps and bidet taps. Thermostatic taps, concealed taps or multi-hole taps are used somewhat less frequently. However, these all have individual advantages. For example, concealed fittings can be elegantly hidden in the wall.

A beautiful ceramic, brass or stainless steel fitting can give the bathroom an individual and elegant touch. Thus, a bathroom fitting is also an important design element of the bathroom.

A bath mixer is usually fixed with two holes on the wall slightly above the bath. A shower mixer often comes with a lever so that, for example, the water strength and temperature can be optimally regulated even when the eyes are closed. The washbasin mixer is also often available as a single-lever mixer.

In the bathroom, you often find two-handle fittings where the hot water (left) and the cold water (right) are regulated separately, depending on how strongly the respective handle is turned up. Such a two-handle fitting may seem less modern, but it can be very stylish.

In addition to the different types of bathroom fittings, there are also different features that should be taken into account when choosing. The projection of a bathroom fitting refers to the distance between the spout and the wall. A longer projection can be practical if the tap is mounted over a larger sink or bath, while a shorter projection is more suitable for smaller sinks or washbasins with limited space. Bathroom taps can be mounted in a number of ways, including wall mounting, countertop mounting and concealed mounting. The mounting method should be selected based on the type of sink or bath. Shape The shape of the bathroom tap can vary from square to round and should match the style of the bathroom. Popular shapes are, for example, square, round or rectangular.

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