A snow blower - also known as a snow blower - is practical when larger areas need to be cleared of snow on a regular basis. In contrast to a snow shovel or snow witch, a motor-driven machine makes much faster progress: the machine can also handle larger quantities of snow and ice. Snow blowers are available in various room widths. We offer you products that can cut a width from 53 to 76 centimetres. Some of the products have headlights and the ejection can be adjusted. On steep surfaces a caterpillar drive is useful. Among others we carry the brands Gardena, Husqvarna, McCulloch and MTD. 

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MTD - Smart ME 61

AGT - Elektrische Handschneefräse

Canadiana - Snow blower CH61900

MTD - Schneefräse Optima ME 66

MTD - Optima ME 66 T

Canadiana - Cm691150

AGT - Motor-Schneefräse

Alpina - Schneefräse Akku 51 cm 18-2811

AGT - Elektrische Schneefräse

AGT - Elektrische Schneefräse

AGT - Elektrische Schneefräse mit LED-Beleuchtung

AGT - Elektrische Hand-Schneefräse

McCulloch - Abdeckung 1stufig STO001

McCulloch - Abdeckung 2stufig STO002

McCulloch - Abscherbolzen STO003