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Don’t wait for your lawn to get knee-high before you cut it! The more often you mow the denser and more resistant the grass gets. Furthermore, regular mowing keeps high-growing weeds at bay. To make mowing easy, you need the right device. We will help you find the right one.

There are different types of lawnmowers to cut grass. The most important criterion is power supply. There are petrol, power and battery-operated lawnmowers available on the market.

Petrol-driven lawnmowers are stronger than power-driven devices. They have no problem cutting through tall grass. As they are stronger, the petrol models are available in various widths – this means larger areas can be tackled in less time. However, petrol-driven mowers require regular maintenance: Petrol needs to be refilled, the oil-level must be checked and the air filter needs to be inspected regularly.

Power-driven devices either have a cord or are battery-run. Lawnmowers with a cord are considerably cheaper than their cordless cousins. Battery-operated lawnmowers are more flexible to use as no inconvenient cords are in the way and no close power source is required. Compared to petrol-powered lawnmowers, electric ones are much quieter and emission-free. In addition, electric lawnmowers are lighter and more mobile than the petrol-driven models.

In addition to the popular rotary mowers, the market has recently seen the introduction of hover lawnmowers. They hover in the air while for effortless mowing. However, most hover mowers do not have a debris container. In other words, the grass clippings need to be raked together and picked up by hand unless you wish to leave them as mulch. Hover lawnmowers are also flexible in terms of regulating the cutting height.

If you love very short English-type lawns, you should have a look at cylinder mowers: While rotary mowers only cut grass back to a length of around 3cm, cylinder mowers are capable of cutting grass to the millimetre.