Snow shovels

In the fight against the cold white, which surprises us every winter anew, snow shovels help you. With the right snow shovel, you can reduce the effort involved and ensure safety in driveways and on paths. Do not forget that snow on roofs or trees is also a danger. Use a roof snow plow with a telescopic handle.

For small paths, a simple plastic snow pusher is suitable. For larger amounts of snow or heavy snow, it is recommended to use a metal shovel with a sturdy wooden handle. For small clearings, e.g. from your car, it is optimal to use a snow shovel with a telescopic handle. This gives you better control and does not cause scratches. For large driveways or in the mountains, you are best equipped with a snow tub or snow witch. To remove accumulated snow or ice, you can use a compact snow shovel or a shovel with a metal edge.

For better ergonomics when clearing, a D-handle helps. Many models in our range are equipped with them as standard. You will find various snow shovels from Fiskars, Wolf Garten and Gardena as well as other brands. If the amount of snow gets out of hand, you can also find snow blowers under the related categories.