Scarifying is like a massage for your lawn: The turf is scored with several knives. Moss and mulch - grass residues left behind during mowing - are removed. This promotes aeration of the soil. The name comes from the English expressions "vertical" and "to cut". The associated garden tool was christened the scarifier.

Scarifying is also possible with a narrow-toothed rake. But this costs much more time, especially for larger areas, and leads to less uniform results.

A scarifying walk is recommended in spring between April and May, as the lawn is then very capable of regeneration. The lawn can be scarified until autumn. But avoid the hot summer months. Even frozen soil must not be scarified. The lawn should be mown before scarifying. Fertilisation is usually recommended after scarifying.

We offer you products of the brands Einhell, Black & Decker, Gardena and many more. The scarifiers have an output between 600 and 1400 volts.